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Global gateway is a pioneer in Early childhood education & Care, Teacher Training and Parenting since 2009. 15+ years of dedicated service & research in establishing strong foundations in young children to prepare them for life and for a peaceful world of tomorrow! The Group of  Montessori Pre-Schools offer holistic Montessori Education in the AMI method (U.K)

Whole-child Development through Scientific & Natural methods of Education.

Dr. Maria Montessori

Education involves the unfolding and development of the child’s innate abilities, talents and interests. Global Gateway follows a scientific and humanistic approach to offer the learning for life to children. The Montessori method of education aims to bring about holistic development in the most natural and child friendly ways.

Whole Child Development 

Our educational approach focuses on Cognitive preparation, physical coordination, Communication & Linguistic skills, and emotional growth as well. The core principles of education of centres on ‘Respect the Child’ and follow the child.

The Physical and intellectual powers may be effectively developed through order and self-discipline. This is achieved through civilizing children and making them physically and emotionally independent and strong and happens through the acquisition of good manners and habits.

The Montessori approach to early education prepares children in fine areas, practical life, sensorial concepts, language, mathematics, culture.

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The Prepared Environment

The Montessori classroom is prepared with a wide array of specially designed educational materials to meet the needs of individual children. A variety of Montessori equipment, that are multi-sensory, sequential and self-connecting, are available for all levels. 

The thoughtfully designed environment possesses a certain order and disposes children to learn at their own speed and pace: the classroom centres on respected individual choice of mark & ‘Do & Discover’ through hands-on – activities.

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Individualized Instruction  

The child directed curriculum caters to the native & needs of every child in the classroom. Individual plans are drawn-up for every child based on observations. This provides for both individual and group activities.

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our Director
Meet Mrs. Rita Ramesh, our passionate Founder & Director, whose mission is to empower educators and parents alike. With over 30 years of experience, she’s trained countless teachers, transforming the lives of children globally. Below are her extensive teaching qualifications and credentials in detail. 
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She’s also a Course Director, with qualifications including M.Com, B.Ed, and M.Sc in Psychology. Her 32+ years of teaching and coordinating experience at CBSE schools showcase her commitment to excellence. Driven by her love for education, Mrs. Ramesh continues to inspire and lead, shaping the future of learning with every step!


Montessori Mentors 

Apart from the professional training in Montessori either from AMI (Association Montessori Internationale-UK) or IMTC (Indian Montessori Training Centre), our teachers are equipped with all the skills required to unravel the fullest potential of every child and also to identify and nurture the unique talents and interests of every individual child.

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Sensorial Education  

Learning in children between birth and six years happens through their senses. Sensorial experiences alone create the network & foundation of intelligence for all future learning and development.

Global Gateway offers sensorial education to children, for effective learning.

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