Toddler Montessori

(1.5 – 3 years)

Nurturing environment for early development

Gentle guidance from caring educators

Multiple exposure, no pressure.


Montessori - 1

( 3 – 4 years) ( Pre .kg )

Engaging curriculum for building life skills

Age-appropriate sensorial lessons and hands-on learning experiences

Laying the foundation for literacy and culture. 

Montessori - 2

 ( 4 – 5 years) (L.K.G)

Development of literacy and numeracy through Montessori activities.

Life skills including food preparation.

Communication and linguistic skills.

Montessori - 3

( 5 – 6 years) ( L.K.G )

LSRW skills and whole language development.

Advanced numeracy.

3 language development.

Sensorial lessons and life skill activities. 


Elementary Montessori - 1

 ( 6 – 7 years) (Std – 1 )

Advanced literacy and numeracy.

Exploring science through experiments.

Outdoor educational experiences.

Geometry and Botany

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Finding a play school near me with life skills development is no easy task. We at GlobalGateway Chennai Champs Montessori school,  alongside academic excellence, prioritize equipping our students with essential life skills. That’s why we are one of the top most Montessori schools in chennai. We incorporate the renowned Cambridge Phonetic approach to instill a strong foundation in language and literacy. So for parents who look for Montessori schools close to me that follow authentic Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) methodology, look no further than GlobalGateway!

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